Keziah Gabriela Burt

Keziah is a professional artist living and working in Yorkshire with her young family.  Having spent many years creating portraits in pencil and oils, Keziah has recently made the transition back to her true passion of sculpture. She has studied relentlessly over the past year, training under the expert instruction of industry greats such as, Hazel Reeves who sculpted Emmeline Pankhurst for Manchester City council, Ettienne Milner, previous president of the Society of Portrait Sculptors who has sculpted the Queen, Eudald de Juana Gorriz an internationally acclaimed figurative sculptor, the incomparable Ellen Christiansen and the incredibly talented Maudie Bradie, lecturer at the Florence academy and winner of the Society of Portrait sculptors prize 2019.

“The realisation that my drawing and painting knowledge could so naturally translate into three dimensional form was something of a revelation to me. Fundamentally at my core I am a portrait artist, but the medium of clay, the immediacy of live sculpting is so deeply instinctive to me that at times it feels almost meditative. A flow state. I have delighted in every second of tuition, every skill I have garnered in order to take my professional practice to the next level. I take it incredibly seriously. Perhaps the sense of urgency is born from desire to improve with every piece, perhaps it has to do with being a parent with limited time. My desire to capture my sitter is intense. The experience for both feels a little like a dance, as I move around their still form, leaning close to measure, standing far away for better perspective. The result, always a likeness, but searching for something more, something intangible of their spirit rendered into raw clay. A truth captured for eternity in fired earth or bronze. “

“ There is something beautiful and unique in each of us. I have spent my life studying the faces around me, each day finding renewed enthusiasm for my subjects.   The human face and figure are eternally intriguing, from the secret smile in the expression of a mother in a moment of calm. The innocent joy of a child bursting bubbles in the garden, to the humbling tenderness in the face of a man holding his first grandchild, these are the faces I study. These are the moments that no mere photograph can render.”

Keziah received a First class Degree and Masters in Fine art at LUSAD and went on to participate in several group and solo exhibitions in the UK and Germany. She has a ferocious appetite for learning and studies with fellow artists and mentors to constantly develop her practice. She is a qualified teacher of Fine Art and often works in Primary and Secondary schools as a visiting artist to deliver dynamic creative experiences for children from age 4 to 18.

Keziah has recently begun running adult sculpture workshops across Yorkshire over two and three day courses you can learnt o sculpt a portrait from a live model. SEE THE WORKSHOP PAGE FOR DETAILS.



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