Sky Portrait artist of the year at the Wallace collection

We had the pleasure of heading into London as a family recently and caught the last live sitting of the sky portrait artist of the year competition at the Wallace collection. It was really fascinating seeing how other artists approach their paintings- technique, brush work and medium all different and every portrait a totally unique take on the sitters features and character.

I always say to people who commission me to paint a portrait I don't do photo copies.  I am not a machine or a printer if that's what your after then please go print a photo and frame it. I create bespoke once in a life time portraits, which are exactly that- a record of a moment in time, a conversation between two people, my interpretation of the sitter through the medium of paint. It's a total honor to paint someone's portrait. It records them in that moment in their lives for always and if I have the chance to draw or paint someone several times each piece will capture something different about them because we are very complex multifaceted creatures and we are always changing, that's what so exciting!

So go to the Wallace Collection if you can, it is beautiful and filled with interesting objects and artifacts.....that you can't touch. But if you have the chance to observe an artist at work.....well that would be a much more exhillerating visit altogether.