'Breastfeed' an exhibition of paintings by Leanne Pearce

Friday 24th March 2017 London Gallery Visit www.laydengallery.com

I am very lucky to have an incredibly supportive husband who will take a half days holiday to care for our kids. All so I can disappear to London, on what I consider to be a bit of a jolly, to view beautiful thought provoking artworks, all on my own! Bliss!

Meeting another friend at the gallery, a mum expertly corralling her two enthusiastic art goers it struck me how rare it is to see mum's in galleries with little ones. Let alone having the subject matter be the female form represented by a woman. How refreshing!  the paintings and drawings are large scale dramatic pieces with bold use of colour but somehow have a delicacy in their brush work that draws you in. Pearce has studied the breast feeding mothers and rendered a series of really touching paintings in their celebration. 

My friend and I both breast fed our children, happily I was lucky and it was easy and cheaper than a bottle. These images are not intended as a chastisement for women who bottle feed but rather a celebration of the very natural process that enables us to nurture new life across the globe. It was really liberating to see this fundamental female activity from the perspective of a woman. Not observed and too often sexualised or demonised by the male viewpoint.

Whilst I genuinely enjoyed the Layden Gallery's exhibition of-Leanne Pearces' paintings, I am beginning to worry about the distinct lack of evidence of mother makers/ artists mummies in the art world and creative industries. Since we are half the world's population you would think we would have been more in present on the walls of art galleries. Particularly those that claim to hold a mirror up to our society.  Perhaps we are all too busy trying to find time to create and take care of our little creations to push for better more honest representation in our galleries?

Well this exhibition was the first in a long time that I felt represented! Thank you Layden gallery can we have more please?