The Commissioning Process

Commissioning a portrait as a gift for a special occasion, a treat for yourself or to commemorate a loved one is an incredibly personal choice to make.  Keziah ensures that you are fully informed and confident in each stage of the process prior to commencing a portrait commission.

After the initial enquiry Keziah will discuss the details of the commissioning process with you in full: Guiding you through a range of considerations including: the medium and size of artwork you would like to commission, the location, dates, times and number of sittings required.  Finally, deciding on the estimated delivery date of the finished painting and the options for framing or plinth for the piece.  At this stage, Keziah will be able give you the tailored price for your commission which will depend upon content, size and the number of sitters.

Once your commission details have been agreed verbally, Keziah will email a confirmation restating the decisions you have made and will require a returned email confirming the agreement and a 50% deposit before beginning the painting.   Sittings are organised at a convenient time and place for both sitter and artist: usually running for between 2 to 3 hours at the sitter’s home, place of work or Keziah’s studio space.

Keziah and the sitter will have the time to discuss the portrait and identify a seated or standing position that feels most natural during the first sitting, when she will also create a series of preparatory sketch studies.  In addition she will take a series of photographs to use as reference materials between sittings.  If it is required a second sitting will be arranged for a later date.  If this is not necessary Keziah will begin work on the painting, inviting the commissioner and the sitter to view the progress at the half way stage.  This is an excellent opportunity to provide feedback and to see how the piece is created.  This is obviously best done in person but can be arranged via email if a studio visit is not possible.

Each painting commission is as unique as the sitter and therefore scheduling demands during the year do vary depending upon Keziah’s exhibition commitments and other booked commissions. However, portrait paintings tend to take approximately two to three months to complete allowing for drying time and delivery. 

Please feel free to enquire if there are more pressing time limits for your commission and Keziah will do her best to accommodate you with a shorter deadline, with the understanding that this cannot be guaranteed.

Prices vary depending on the type of commission: number of sitters, size, detail etc.  However as a basic guide a head-and-shoulders oil painting portrait, approximately A3 size starts from £450.  Portraits in other media vary in price but start from A4 for £150 a pencil drawing.

For more information on commissioning your own bespoke artwork please use the contact page.